Dress Code Policy for High School

The excerpt below is directly from the Chester County School District’s School Dress Code          
revised June 18, 2007.

Rule 5: Student Dress (D)

No attire will be permitted which is deemed disruptive or unsafe for the student or school.  Clothing on the upper body should cover the shoulder with only arms exposed. Lower body clothing should fit properly and reach from the waist to just above the knee.  Belts will be worn unless clothing is held by an elastic band.  SHIRTS WILL BE TUCKED.

In order to be in compliance, shirts may not be bloused out to the point that they obscure the waistline.  Also, jackets and over garments must be worn open so that they reveal the waist line.
Other notable items are listed below:
  • Bandannas and do rags are not allowed on campus and will be confiscated.
  • Hats are not allowed in school buildings.
  • Pants must be worn at the waistline with no undergarments visible.
  • Shirts cannot be tight, low cut, or show cleavage/undergarments.
  • Pajama pants may not be worn.
  • All clothing (*shorts, skirts, etc.) must be worn at fingertip length or below with arms extended.
*The dress code is in effect as long as a student is on campus or on a school bus, before and after school.
Students may not continue to attend class wearing inappropriate clothing.  Neither parent/legal guardian nor students will place the burden of enforcing the dress code solely on the school.  Administrators and faculty members are expected to strictly enforce the dress code at all times.