Brenda Fort, Principal

Meet Mrs. Fort...

Graduated from The University of Louisville  BA Degree in English/Art History
Received Teacher’s Certification from the University of Louisville School of Education
Masters of Education from Winthrop University
Graduate hours from USC, Converse, and Winthrop
Taught 7-12 grades in Louisville, KY; Essex, England; Lancaster County, SC; and Chester County.
It is a pleasure and privilege to be the Principal of the Great Falls Middle/High Schools.  MY goal is for our school to be one of the best in the state of South Carolina in student achievement and accomplishments.    We have outstanding, dedicated faculty members and staff who are working hard towards the goals set for us under  the school renewal plan.  Our stakeholders (parents, teachers, and community members) met last year with an educational specialist and put their vision for our school into the school renewal plan for the next five years.  Student learning is the major goal set in the plan for our school along with student satisfaction, and accomplishments beyond academics. 
It is wonderful to be able to work with the students at Great Falls Middle/High School.  They are bright, creative, and caring children who deserve the best educational opportunities this school and community can provide for them.  Every day I look forward to coming to school to work with and for these students.
Our community supports its local schools and the activities in which they are involved with their time, money, and encouragement.