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    Great Falls Complex students/athletes were rays of sun shining through the storm clouds of our gloomy economy this past summer. Several of our towns youth dedicated their spare time to meet at the Great Falls Pentecostal Holiness Church, which served as the Manna Outreach Ministries Headquarters. Pastor Roger Knight coordinated community efforts so that food donated from the Harvest Hope Food Banks mobile pantry could be delivered. Veteran volunteer Sonny Hudson contacted Coach Kenneth Schofield in June and Coach John Smith in July to recruit the help of football and basketball players in an effort to get more young people involved this goodwill gesture. Several team members gladly got involved in this upLIFTNG project by unloading and carrying boxes. Students of all ages also were on site to help package and distribute the groceries. One positive effect of this unstable economy is that it has brought together more people of all different ages, churches, and teams to take an active part in helping those in need right here in our hometown.